Happy to answer questions about Deerfield Academy!

It is not unusual to see smart hard-working kids receive low grades at DA - there are very demanding teachers with their unique expectations. It is something that new students at all schools (not just ours) must figure out during the first half of the term - what does the teacher expect and like? You can get the correct answer in a science or math class, but if you do not explain it well enough or have notation they do not like it will be marked as incorrect. In Humanities classes, you must elaborate and argue your point well. It is true preparation for college. Granted, there are some teachers who are more lenient (usually new teachers to the school). Some teachers will allow you to make corrections and give you some credit, but others are not so kind. When my kid misunderstood test instructions on a Spanish vocabulary test as a Freshman, it resulted in a F even though each vocab word was correct because pronouns were not included. Dumb mistake. Kiddo demonstrated correct knowledge and explained the misunderstanding. Wrote the correct pronouns down in front of the teacher. But the teacher said “You have learned your lesson and guess you won’t do it next time”.

It’s not Montessori Pre-K. It’s Deerfield and IMHO it’s not warm & fuzzy. That’s an honest criticism (not complaining). Honestly, kiddo has had only ONE teacher who nurtured a passion for a subject and was verbally encouraging. For some reason, people have this misperception as a sports school - well it is heavily sports focused but it is academically rigorous. New students are surprised. So, know what you are getting yourself into. Worse than that, IMHO colleges have no idea how academically demanding the school is. Oh, one more thing. In case any of you feel the urge to post that “your kid must have sour grapes” or is a poor performer. Not the case. High Honor Roll. Just being honest with you guys in a way that was lacking when we chose the school.

I have said my peace for now….more after graduation. :nerd_face:

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I feel very similarly about Groton. Although I think teachers are more warm and fuzzy in terms of their relationships with kids the system is very harsh and the grade deflation is overly intense.

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Having had kiddos at a local public (Blue Ribbon) High School for 3+ years, I can say it is not warm and fuzzy either. No redos, even if instructions were mis-read, if your homework is a day late it is an automatic 50%. And most teach over 100 kids so you’re lucky if they know your name. Also, there are more than a handful of just plain bad teachers. Yes, if it’s honors or AP the report card is weighted.
Despite the demanding nature, my kiddo is loving the classes! Her favorite is a humanities class with tons of reading, note taking and analysis and explaining stuff. That’s the teacher who shared the really nice comments. Thankful for teachers like that who let kids know their hard work is not going unnoticed.

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Question about the parent weekend schedule. On Saturday the calendar says DPN meeting with Continental breakfast at 8:30. Is that for all? There is also breakfast at 7am?

Hi there! I believe the DPN breakfast is for parents….but you should check - the students should have the breakfast schedule on the Bulletin also for that day.

Is the buffet lunch on Friday and the buffet dinner on Saturday for families?

On Friday in past years, we all ate with the students.

Saturday evening also. This year, the students are not in class on Friday so not sure …but planning on meeting up with my kid for lunch.

We are eating an early dinner Friday at the Inn
. The family weekend schedule says there is a dinner Saturday, so we just canceled our reservation for Saturday.

OK - fun! You might want to also make a back-up reservation somewhere off campus if your kiddo would like a special dinner with you - there is a good Italian place in South Deerfield (Gianni Figs) and a good speciality pizza place (Mag Pie) and a good place (Hope & Olive) to dine for varied fare in Greenfield. There is also an Asian/Japanese place between South Deerfield and Sunderland (Goten Japanese restaurant). Sometimes, students like to go off campus for dinner even though there is a buffet offered on Saturday.

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