Happy to answer questions about Deerfield Academy!

Poor @UltimaCroix ! That is very sad. I would rather drive from Vermont or up from the MGM Casino than stay at Red Roof or Days Inn…don’t do it.

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@Golfgr8 Thank you for your empathy! I actually misspoke, I meant to say we are familiar with the Days, and would not recommend it. We booked it as a backup and thankfully cancelled the res…it’s rough around the edges, and we are not being picky.

Lucky you. We have a non-refundable reservation but after reading the reviews, we are just going to eat the cost, and stay at the really cute and freshly remodeled Inn we found for $30 more.

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CONGRATS to those accepted students! Anyone have questions about Deerfield?

Welcome to Deerfield
You lucky student
Make the best decision
be thoughtful and prudent!

If you want school spirit
Top academics and fun
Go for the Green
Deerfield’s the one!

I will share the good
And share the bad
I will be honest in answers
About the experience kiddo had

So if you‘re looking for info
And to get the real “Tea”
Don’t waste your time
Just come to me! :star_struck:


Hey!! I got accepted to Deerfield this M10! Your threads and comments have been so useful!! I’ve been checking them since August :star_struck:!

Quick question, So I am coming in as a Sophomore next school year but I have not taken history. I know Deerfield takes history for only 2 years (freshman and Junior). Is there anyway I could make up my lack of history before the next school year so I can expand my class choice? I wanted to do dance but I cannot since I will have to take history.

Can I do history over the summer? Or should I just accept my fate?

You can possibly do dance as a 6th course pass/fail, or as your co-curricular activity.
My kiddo did a history class over the summer (she is a current repeat Junior and dancer) but she also already had 2 other history classes her freshman and sophomore years, so she did not have to take history at Deerfield.

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Thank you!

CONGRATS!! Welcome to the Deerfield Family.

We knew Sophomores who took History and others who took it as Juniors and Seniors……Kiddo took 4 years of History (took an extra class one year). So, ask the admissions team about how this will work….or you may want to call the Academic Dean’s office.

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Is there any “easy” way to get to Deerfield without renting a car after a flight? Something I hadn’t considered before was the increased expense of travel to Deerfield due to location.

We hadn’t thought about that either. We have had one of us drive 9 hours each way for all pickup and drop off. They were nice enough to let her stay on campus long winter weekend when we realized we hadn’t accounted for that so close to Christmas break. Travel planning, information and dates is an area I feel they could do better at helping new families navigate.
Hotel expenses were definitely not anything we had planned for. We have used Hotels.com and already have had 10 stays and a free stay.

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I just mapped the drive for us and it would be 22 hours, so air travel is basically our only option. Car rental prices have gone up an insane amount, over $100 a day now in that area. I priced out a revisit trip to DA at around $2000. Spring break airline prices + short notice + car rental + hotel… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It depends where you are coming from in the USA. If I were to drive, it would be 24 hours non-stop.

The closest airport is Hartford, CT. There are some cheap flights on Jet Blue. I have also compared airports for cheaper flights and cheaper rental car rates.

You MUST also check hotel rates and BOOK EARLY…For some reason nobody believes me….then they DM me a few days before Revisit, drop off, Parents Weekend, Pickup and Commencement to say “Help me!”

Revisit is very tough because of the short notice, but here are some tips. Check out other airports….not only Boston (where rental cars are expensive). Check out airfares and rental car rates from these airports, also. Southwest usually has lower fares with a connecting flight through Baltimore.

I have also flown into Albany, NY and drove @ 2 hours
I have flown into Providence, RI and drove @ 2 hours
There used to be a JetBlue flight to Worcester…check it out.

BTW, if you are on FA and need travel assistance, the school will help you. Please don’t choose a school based on travel $ because you can get assistance, if needed.

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Look into Turo. We have used them several times and will again while we are back in the US for three weeks this summer. A decent car for a couple days will likely run you less than $50/day.


Hey guys, I have a question. Is there a dress code for revisit day? I’m going soon but I can’t be content with my choice of clothing. My friend(she attends Deerfield), is telling me to practically follow the class dress code (blazer, blouse, dress pants, etc.) I feel like that is overdoing it though. I wasn’t really thinking about what to wear until I realized I might come underdressed.

I wouldn’t worry about what to wear to Revisits….people show up in all levels of dress - most guys we have seen are not in blazers - just a shirt, or sweater (it’s still cold outside), and an outdoor jacket.

Layer. This goes for all schools. You will be in classrooms, in an auditorium, walking across campus for lunch, touring the campus, or going to athletic fields afterwards to watch practice (some of you)….so layer. Bring comfortable shoes or a change of shoes (parents) because this is slush & mud season - you don’t want to be wearing wet shoes on the drive home.

Would I recommend wearing a tee shirt and ripped jeans, no. Would I wear yoga pants and Uggs? Never. Dress like you would to school for your class photo and you should be fine.

Our confirmation said " Visiting students may be most comfortable attending classes in our Academic Dress."

Thanks - wow - that is interesting! Appreciate your sharing.
Still, layer and consider your footwear choices.

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Thanks guys!!

We went to revisit Deerfield today. Most of kids wore formal dress (blazer, blouse, dress pants).


How was the revisit day?