Happy to answer questions about Deerfield Academy!

What did the parents wear? We are coming from the South and I keep seeing photos of snow on the ground still…totally confused on how to dress. Whatever it is, I probably don’t have it!

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The revisit day was very impressive! Most parents wore business casual. Today was a bit chilly. But it is warming up next few days.

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The weather in New England can be very changeable throughout the day. The year we had Revisit it snowed - but we saw Deerfield’s heated sidewalks in action!

Reminder, be sure to book accommodations for drop off and family weekend. I just booked family weekend (much earlier than last year) and there is virtually nothing left. Ended up going with a VRBO.

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For those of you coming into DA as Sophomores, your course selections are happening soon or now!

Also book your rental car WAY in advance!


I thought we were getting your BS download after college acceptances came out? I’ve been patiently waiting. And waiting.


T’was 2 weeks to go
Before BS was to end
You’re wondering where in the world
Our kiddo we will send?

The scoop will be dished
After commencement’s concluded
To now spill the “tea”?
You must be deluded!

Results were in
Many months in the past
The strategy worked
The acceptances fast!

We are sending our kiddo
To the place of dreams
It’s a school that is known
To be all that it seems.

Be cynical and skeptic
Our advice rang true
Go to the school that you love
And the one that loves you!

Don’t worry about rankings
Don’t be a “Sheeple”
You’re not going to college -
You’re going to people!

So, please be supportive
And do be a good mate
I’m keeping the name private
To not reveal Golrfr8.

Advice will be shared
“Tea” spilt on June First
I will share some juice
To quench your thirst.


You are doing a better job than I am, as I know that you and your kiddo figured out who my kiddo is, but we still have no idea your identity. :joy:

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Although, I am sure it was not hard to identify the new Jr. dancer.

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Public Service Announcement:

Please submit your questions about DA and boarding school life, academics, athletics, college advising, doers life, etc….I will strive to answer your questions as they roll in….some will be after commencement :mask:

Here are a few tidbits of advice or some insights…. :nerd_face:

  • Mr 89 is a real person(s). Not joking. There was a mandate for an 89 average at DA. There is a “Holy Trinity” of Humanities grades: 89-90-91. There are certain students who are earmarked for grades above 91 (more on that after June 1). It has been our experience that the opposite is also true. Teachers peg you pretty early as an 89 or 86’er…so you better come out of the gate strong on that first test, paper, or performance at the table.

  • The Powers That Be (including the College Advising Office) will tell you something akin to the following: “Admissions Directors at college know Deerfield’s grading and they can read the school profile…” NOT! When a college/university receives 40K+ applications and have hundreds of “readers”, they just see the numbers and know that you are an applicant from an elitist prep school that has a relatively low GPA. I know from experience that AO’s and A reps said to my kid “We are looking for GPA’s in the 95 and above range and above 4.0”. That leads us to the next tidbit.

  • DA does not weight grades. There are no “bumps” for AP’s or Honors - like there are at some of the other NE prep schools. You can search older threads for this.

  • The teacher is more important than the course you get/choose. However, as you move ahead in years at school you will have more choices in courses. Consider the courses that offer the best teachers. You don’t want to be in Calc BC with a jerky teacher who yells and grades harshly. Likewise, initially you might not be interested in a particular course but if you know the teacher is great - take it.

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