Happy with ACT score - to take or not take school day SAT

Not sure what your school situation is, but it may help your school in terms of statistics when the way that students do on the test is judged. This is often why schools have an SAT or ACT day, to evaluate how their students are doing on standardized tests (or because other people/organizations are requiring it).

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No need to take the SAT. But some states (like mine) do require this be taken…so…check.

While there is no need, there isn’t a downside. He doesn’t ever need to submit his SAT score anywhere when he applies to college.


I thought it was that you had to submit all scores for the test you are submitting (no score choice) but not that you had to submit both the SAT and ACT if taken.

I am not certain as I haven’t checked all schools’ current policies.

Actually there is nothing that even suggests that you have to send all test. They do not allow self-reporting, however. I believe this is also the case for Princeton.

"Georgetown asks that all transfer applicants submit standardized test results from the SAT and/or ACT with the transfer application. If, however, a transfer applicant has been out of high school for more than five years prior to the intended date of matriculation at Georgetown, the SAT/ACT requirement is waived, if the applicant has not taken standardized testing.

Standardized test scores should be sent to Georgetown directly from the testing agency. If you have previously applied to Georgetown within the past two years, your standardized test scores will still be on file with the Admissions Office, and there is no need to re-send an additional score report.

Georgetown’s SAT code is 5244. Georgetown only considers the Critical Reading and Math portions of the SAT, not the Writing section. If an applicant takes the SAT more than once, the admissions committees will consider the highest EBRW (verbal) score and the highest Math score from multiple test sessions when reviewing the application.

Georgetown’s ACT code is 0668. Georgetown accepts the ACT in lieu of the SAT. Applicants who take the ACT more than once will have their highest Composite score considered in the evaluation process. The optional Writing section on the ACT is not required, nor is the Writing subscore used in the application review process."

I think I am in the “why not?” camp, but agree it’s not unnecessary.

Great, thanks for clarifying!

There was a similar situation for a friend of my daughter’s. She scored a 1600 on SAT but School has a day where everyone takes ACT. She got a little pressure to take it to help school’s average. In the end she did not. Georgetown is one school where she was considering.

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OP is not a transfer student. Georgetown requires all SAT and ACT scores that a prospective first year has taken. Said differently, no score choice at Georgetown.

Score Choice Georgetown does not participate in Score Choice and requires submission of each applicant’s complete testing record, including all SAT, ACT, and/or SAT Subject test scores. We remain firmly committed to a comprehensive and holistic review of all applications, and test scores are considered in their appropriate context.

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I totally missed that was a transfer application page. But how can they even know if someone ever took a different test type?

Maybe because there are high schools that automatically include a test score on a transcript when there is a school day test?

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Thank you for all the advice.
I did ask the counselor if test scores appear on transcripts and haven’t heard back. But parents of graduates have said the score did not appear on transcripts.
I hadn’t thought of if the test may be a graduation requirement. I will ask that tomorrow.
I am feeling like he should not take it - I agree with those saying why mess up a good thing. It’s very unlikely he will get equivalent to a 36. I’m not a risk taker, so to me it’s why risk it.
However, he still wants to take it even after I shared this feedback. He said, “unless I have too much work and then I will take the day off to get work done.” It sounds like taking it (and not scoring comparatively) won’t hurt his applications (except to those listed schools where we would have to send all scores), so I might not fight him on this one if he really wants to.

They can’t always know, but applicants do state they honestly filled out the app.

Gtown has always been serious about no score choice/submit all testing history and does know/track which states require an in-school test, and as Lindagaf said, some schools do put tests on transcripts…if not the 6th/7th semester transcript, the final one.

With all that said, I don’t know if Gtown has rescinded a matriculant for not reporting all test scores (or not offered admission to an applicant they knew didn’t report all scores)…but I wouldn’t recommend taking that chance either.

I don’t disagree. I never looked at it too closely - I think it was still TO last year? - but this conversation got me curious about the requirements.

Georgetown was never TO…rather they allowed applicants who hadn’t taken any SAT or ACT to apply. If one applied without test scores, they had to explain why they were unable to test.