<p>Is anyone here go to UNC-CH and either happy for unhappy with your choice?</p>

<p>I'd like to know, thank you so much!(:</p>

<p>I have lived in NC for 13 years and never heard of anyone that didn't love going to UNC! I know several students there now. At a school that big with good academics, anyone can find a place to belong.</p>

<p>I don't love it, and I know a few people who don't. I know several instate students who only came here because it was cheap, but it wasn't their first choice. I know one or two oos students who find the place a bit stifling and isolated.</p>

<p>Most people love it, but not all.</p>

<p>The majority of people are happy here. Generally, those who aren't are the ones who either did not get into their top choice or are in-state and had to come here because of the cost rather than go to their dream school. In my opinion, since UNC is so big, it's easy to make your experience what you want. </p>

<p>My "friend" falls into both categories...he is happy overall but is still a little bitter that he ended up here. He wanted to go to either Duke or NYU - didn't get into Duke and let his parents talk him out of NYU (partly because of cost, although they prob could actually afford it). He even messaged my boyfriend (who's at Duke) after we lost saying that he was kind of rooting for Duke to win. He's kind of a little b*tch. This of course does not characterize at all the people who aren't happy here, but he's just an obnoxious example.</p>

<p>keepittoyourself, what exactly do you not like? I have seen many other of your posts and you often don't have nice things to say about UNC. I'm not trying to argue or anything, but I'm just curious. </p>

<p>While of course everybody has rough times when they wish they were somewhere else, the positive experiences almost always win out.</p>

<p>Keepittoyourself, if you don't love it, why are you here? Are you first-year and haven't given it time yet? or haven't had a chance to transfer yet? There are too many great colleges and universities out there to spend 4 years at one where you aren't happy.</p>