Hard for the first time

<p>Today I had the first hard-shell taco I've ever had. I was actually able to eat it, despite my qualms that had previously brought me to have only soft-shell. I might get another next time I go to Taco Bell.</p>

<p>The topic of your title led me to believe that this would be a thread about something completely different.</p>

<p>Taco Bell food is gross either which way. Go Panera Bread!</p>

<p>^^ people said that about your freudian name lol</p>

<p>^ Taco Bell is teh best. Think outside the bun. I think the nearest Panera Bread is 3 hrs. away :/</p>

<p>^Fair enough.</p>

<p>I have only gone to Taco Bell one or two times.</p>

<p>^^There's probably 100 Paneras within 3 hours of me, haha. I go there about once every month or two.</p>

<p>lucky! :b</p>

<p>They see ya trollin..</p>

<p>lol I love how people assume that :b I just wanted a lulzy title.</p>

<p>Panera Bread..oh my goodness. It's love. The people there have gotten annoyed with me because I show up so often. Whaaaat? It's been AP week - I have half a day to burn on average :rolleyes:
To the OP - Taco Bell is legit. I ate there a few nights ago. Baja Mountain Dew is where it's at.</p>

<p>lol what's Baja Mountain Dew? That sounds really excellent</p>

<p>Where I live, Panera Bread has a different name, since it originated here... Be jealous.</p>

<p>@CelaPlusAimaple - I can't really tell you, but my boyfriend and I are going to go check it out tonight & play Super Smash Brothers [the original on N64]..YES. I tried some of it and it was pretty delicious. I think it's light blue colored and..the taste..it's like a tropical fruit drink and Mountain Dew combined. Now I'm all excited, hah. :p</p>

<p>I can confirm that Baja Mountain Dew is really good. And the 5 layer burrito is a delicious way to spend a dollar.</p>

<p>^^ lol my sister was just the other day talking about how they had new flavors of Mountain Dew, including a new white colored flavor, so I'll have to check them all out</p>

<p>^ lol I would love 5 layer dip, but I hate refried beans :/</p>

<p>Love the title.</p>


<p>and fast food</p>

<p>The irony here is that the actual message isn't any less of a double entendre than the title.</p>

Taco Bell food is gross either which way. Go Panera Bread!


<p>THIS. Taco Bell is nasty as hell. I've only had a 99 cent chicken wrap from there, and that's about it (wasnt good AT ALL)--plus they use the lowest grade of meat @ Taco Bell...enough said.</p>

<p>I <333 Panera Bread so much. Especially their broccoli & cheddar soup and chicken frontega paninis...and their baked goods :]</p>

this. Taco bell is nasty as hell. I've only had a 99 cent chicken wrap from there, and that's about it (wasnt good at all)--plus they use the lowest grade of meat @ taco bell...enough said.


<p>omg. So i totally ate this one thing one time and it was like the only thing i ate right and i decided to make a judgment on the entire brand right and it was like nasty as hell.</p>