hard major

<p>Well, I constantly hear that people that get into business spend like 12 hrs a day working seven days a week. I'm really interested in business but I'm a person that cannot live without free time. I want to work 5 days a wk, about 8hrs a week and make about $55k a yr after undergrad. When I'm 30 plan on making >$100k a yr w/ MBA of course. So is business the major for me, or should I look elsewhere. Also what jobs can offer this lifestyle.</p>

<p>first off i think you meant 8 hours a day/ 40 hours a week haha. unless you are really good, the only major you're gonna make 55k in straight of out undergrad is engineering, or mis in some schools. if you are interested in business i would go for it. not all careers are like i-banking where you live solely for money.</p>

<p>Possibly MIS but it depends on the company and it depends on the market. Obviously, working for an industry company (ie a fortune 500 company) is generally eaiser than working for a consulting company. However, if you ever want to progress into management you will still have to put in the hours.</p>

<p>If you do not want to work more than 40 hours a week then an MBA is probably not for you.</p>

<p>Expect around 45k for regular hours but if you want to put in more hours, you will have a higher starting salary.</p>

<p>Making 100k by 30 is pretty hard, doable but hard depending on the field. I would say to stick with whatever interest you. Do not do it for the money. I would rather make 30k doing something I like than 60k doing something miserable.</p>

<p>Good advice, with all the posts about I-banking and the long hrs was discouraging me from business.</p>