hard math question i dont get

<p>you drive to work at 45mph and drive back at 30mph ... you drove a total of 1 hour . how many miles did u drive to work?</p>

<p>so you know speed=distance/time
we are looking for time therefore we rearrange to time=distance/speed
now we make distance=x
so x/30 + x/45 = 1 because time + time = total time
multiply by 45 or just solve with calculator
answer is 18</p>

<p>wow thanks ! that helps alot... i had 7 mins left in that 1 free response qustion and i had no idea...</p>

<p>I'm confused, in Xiggi's advice, he uses the equation [2<em>speed1</em>speed2]/[speed1 + speed2], and that yields an answer twice the size of what Abyssion mentioned. Abyssions answer makes sense though, I just need clarification on "Xiggi's Advice" method.</p>

<p>uhhh it seems that you found the amount of miles to wor kand back when they ask for only the amount of miles to work</p>

<p>OHHHH that makes sense now! Of course because x= distance TO work, Xiggi's method finds the TOTAL distance there AND back! Thank you very much!</p>

<p>who's Xiggi lol</p>