hard question i dont get

<p>you drive to work at 45mph and drive back at 30mph ... you drove a total of 1 hour . how many miles did u drive to work?</p>

<p>You're missing part of the question, how what was the break up of the time of the drive to and back from work? You can't solve it without that info.</p>

<p>But anyway rt=d </p>

<p>so (45)(first break of time) + (30)(Second Breakup of time)= Answer</p>

<p>He's not missing any of the problem =) You gotta use your brain a little more here.</p>

<p>45 <em>T1 = Distance To work
30</em> T2 = Distance From Work</p>

<p>T1 + T2 = 1 Hour</p>

<p>T2 = 1 -T1</p>

<p>45T1 = 30(1 - T1)
45T1 = 30 - 30T1</p>

<p>75T1 = 30
T1 = .4
45 *.4 = 18</p>

<p>18 Miles to Work</p>

<p>auctally i had another reply.. it was X/45 + x/30 = 1 and x was 18... but i didnt check it yet</p>

<p>that works to i did not see this as a working together type of problem =p</p>

<p>^ur way is better, but i dnt think the SAT math would have a problem like this.</p>

<p>its just a simple rate problem in SAT Devil lingo</p>