hard question

<p>which top colleges compare applicatns from the same highschool with each other? Which colleges do not? </p>

<p>Also, some colleges say they do not compare applicants from the same high school together-- but might actually do..</p>

<p>whats the general consensus here on CC( based on admissions books, ect)??</p>

<p>why do you ask?</p>

<p>I think inherently they do via class rank. If you are at a great school that offers many AP classes, the top 10% of students are taking 6-7, and have a 4.0 GPA, your transcript will not look as great if you have only taken 3 AP classes, and have a GPA of a 4.0.
They have to look at things in context. Part of that is what the school offers. Part is what did other students achieve given the same opportunities and learning environment.</p>

<p>Note: this is based on personal observation, what I have learned from other parents, what I have been told by GCs and aN admissions rep on a campus visit. Nothing based on books I can reference or inside information.</p>

<p>well if your school doesn't rank, then you will be compared to other students in your school, just to see if your grades truly are good. As far as whether colleges compare applicants from their high school together, and use this for admissions purposes, I'm not quite sure. Last year my school sent about 10 kids to Cornell, but their backgrounds and grades were very different, so it's tough to tell if Cornell compared these applicants. I think colleges compare you to kids in your school who are applying to the same place, but it's not a make/break thing (like they'll automatically reject you if another student in your school is applying and has better grades.) If you have something unique over your peers that impresses them they're going to take you regardless.</p>

<p>This information isn't made readily available, but as other posters have said, class rank is very important. If you're ranked 17, it's likely that the person ranked 1 (or any valedictorian applying) is going to be more closly considered than you are.</p>

<p>Also take for example a couple years ago at my school we had 2 applicants to Yale. One got in; the other did not. The former had better test scores (2350SAT and 800onSATII, etc etc) and the latter had lower test scores (2200SAT and lower SATII's) even though the latter had better grades in more AP classes he took. Obviously this can't be the only reason but i think Yale may have chosen only one of the two through comparision.</p>

<p>All of them compare. Your first line of competition is always your own classmates.</p>

<p>k yea the admissions officer from one of the top schools i visited said they dont compare students by school...wierd</p>