Hard Writing Question

<p>What do you think the answer is?</p>

<p>Ignore the highlighting. </p>

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<p>HMM I say choice C.</p>

<p>“songs” is plural so it can’t be choice a, where “it” is singular.
Immediately knock out B and E.</p>

<p>Choice D seems a bit redundant - i don’t see a purpose in mentioning first songs again especially since there are no other nouns to mix them up with.</p>

<p>You sir, are wrong. </p>

<p>I chose C as well … </p>

<p>Anyone else want to solve?</p>

<p>the reason already indicates the “why,” so straight away D, E are out. B creates a fragment, and C is unidiomatic as well. </p>

<p>This leaves us with A, so this is what I choose. Although this is unlikely a real SAT question because A contains a vague pronoun. What is the antecedent of it?</p>

<p>^You are wrong as well. </p>

<p>When I solved this problem, I immediately crossed off D and E because “The reason is because” is redundant. </p>

<p>The only problem was that I immediately crossed off the right answer … :D.</p>

<p>This is a garbage question if D or E is the “correct” answer. I highly suspect this is non-college board material.</p>

<p>Here’s the explanation. It actually makes sense, to an extent, although the use of “the reason is because” is questionable. </p>

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<p>“The reason is because” isn’t even questionable, it is wrong.</p>

<p>Here is some apocryphal proof [“The</a> reason because” versus “the reason that”](<a href=“http://www.englishforums.com/English/ReasonBecauseVersusReason/bmdpp/post.htm]"The”>'The Reason Because' Versus 'The Reason That'?)</p>

<p>Maybe I’m missing something… but it has to be D, doesn’t it…? My apologies, but that question seems rather easy. Read it out loud. D is the only one that even comes close to making the sentence sound coherent. What was your problem with the question?</p>

<p>^“The reason is because” is redundant, so I immediately crossed off D and E as incorrect. Turns out, D is correct, because D is the best choice of the 5 - it fixes the pronoun-reference problem. However, D doesn’t win any style points for using “the reason is because.”</p>

<p>IceQube, I totally agree with you that it is a terrible sentence and does NOT win any style points, I was just confused as to what the problem everyone was having with D was. Thanks :)</p>

<p>i actually chose D mainly for the following reasons:</p>

<p>C. the they seems ambiguous to me, it could refer to songs, or reasons and probably even singers</p>

<p>A. its def not it…</p>

<p>B. happening…? really…no</p>

<p>E. these…no way in hell…</p>

<p>SheepGetKilled is 100% correct.</p>

<p>This question at LEAST violates two grammar rules.</p>

<p>The answer is A.
it refers to “the reason” so B is wrong.
CDE are all wrong because “the reason”+ because/since is redundant.</p>

<p>read the rest of the replies buddy ^</p>

<p>D? No way. Principle grammar rules explicitly state that “reason is because” is wrong, regardless of anything. It’s A.</p>