hardcore studying for nov 6th

<p>After spending about 6 months straight studying for the sat 1 last school year basically from December ish to June I went from starting at a 880 ( first PR class test) to a 1020 ( PSAT) to a 1200 ( real sat in may) to a 1240 ( real sat in June). </p>

<p>My June sat score was 580 verbal 660 math. Now its time to get back in the game for November as I have not looked at ONE sat thing since the June test. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED ANYTHING. But I need to get back in there and break a 1300 for the Nov test. When I study before I basically went through the 10 RS 3 times and i was at the point where I memorized answers which is sick. I also completed a PR class which i would say was a waste of time. My vocab and CR need help and i need to work on hard math problems. How should I go about studying for the sat1 s now. </p>

<p>If you have seen the “What are my chances” board everybody says I need to bring up my score so PLEASE help me out.</p>

<p>Thanks for your time
~ College Wanna Be</p>



<p>come on hook me up with some advice</p>