Hardest Decision Ever

<p>Hello CC'ers, I need advice...</p>

<p>So I am a senior from Houston,Texas and was recently admitted into McCombs School of Business (University of Texas). I was also recently admitted into Notre Dame University. I want to major in Finance and I have never really thought about doing another major because nothing pulls at me the way finance does.</p>

<p>Theoretically let's say if I went to McCombs I would owe $20,000 in student loans. My parents would not help me pay this back. Now if I went to Notre Dame, I would get a full-ride. What do you think is the better deal?</p>

<p>One of my family members is a Longhorn and I grew up loving Texas Football. I even bought a Bevo pillowpet...</p>

<p>Whats the quality difference in these two business programs? Thanks...</p>

<p>Is this the Notre Dame in South Bend, IN? Full-ride? Wow, I thought you were going to ask if you should pay $20K extra to go to Notre Dame! You'll probably want to get a graduate degree in Finance - you don't have to get that hung up on the difference between undergrad B-schools. A free ride at ND? Really?! People would give up Ivy acceptances for that!</p>

<p>First off it's the University of Notre Dame and if you want to do the official name it's the University of Notre Dame du Lac. The same one whose undergraduate business school is ranked at the top in almost every survey out there. Sports should be a very small factor in making your college decision but if it is, you certainly will not lack big time college sports at ND. Their teams across the board are incredible - not just football but lacrosse, hockey, swimming, golf, baseball, basketball, etc - seriously they excel at it all and their athletes graduate. Trust me. Go Irish, buy a leprechaun and you will never regret your choice unless you're afraid of a little snow and cold.</p>

<p>Notre Dame for sure....great business school and no debt is a winning combination. Congratulations.</p>

<p>ND 10char.</p>

<p>If you like both schools equally, I would definitely go to Notre Dame! I think it it's great you got a full ride to a school like that.</p>

<p>All the ND sunshine pumpers need to slow down here. There's more at play here than just the $.</p>

<p>OP needs to consider several things. First, ND has a great business school, but if he is interested in staying in Texas (whether long-term or coming out of school), McCombs is going to be the play here. UT and McCombs rule the state in terms of business influence, and the culture is such that UT grads will be preferred in most cases to other candidates from more prestigious programs.</p>

<p>Another thing to consider is OP's desire to major in Finance. What do you want to do in Finance? If it's IB or banking related, your opportunities coming out of ND are going to be in Chicago. The opportunities at UT are going to be in Houston and most likely energy-related.</p>

<p>Also, thinking long-term here again, $20K is not that much money in terms of loans.</p>

<p>Both programs are fantastic, but I urge you to put the money aside here and try to think about what you want out of your college experience and long-term. If you like Texas and think you might want to stay in the area after school, go to UT. If you hate the state or want to live somewhere else, go to ND. Think about what makes you happy.</p>

<p>I agree full ride to ND is amazing. Your heart is in Texas though so there are many things to consider. Put money aside and then decide.</p>

<p>Can anyone comment on their experience as a minority at Notre Dame?</p>


<p>How were you informed of that full ride to ND? According to your post on their board you don't know yet.</p>

<p>I quote my statement, "Theoretically"</p>

<p>Oh yeah, forgot to ask..what is the political alignment at Notre Dame? Im guessing highly conservative?</p>

<p>First of all, are you talking about $20,000 in TOTAL debt, or $20,000 a year in debt($80,000 total)? </p>

<p>From what I've read and heard, the UT business school is slightly better than the ND business school. Is it $20,000 better? Maybe. Is it $80,000 better? No.</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/investment-banking/499243-notre-dame-investment-banking.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/investment-banking/499243-notre-dame-investment-banking.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>No</a> bank appearance at Notre Dame | WallStreetOasis.com</p>

<p>UT</a> Austin | WallStreetOasis.com</p>

<p>UT</a> Austin Mccombs Undergrad | WallStreetOasis.com</p>

<p>UT</a> Austin and IB | WallStreetOasis.com</p>

what is the political alignment at Notre Dame?


Probably pretty conservative. On their website I remember reading that something like 85% of students are practicing Catholics. I wouldn't necessarily let that deter you though.</p>

<p>^$20,000 total. Thanks for the info man.</p>

<p>UND is fairly conservative but not in your face conservative. There are liberals and moderates there as well. Same with the practice of Catholicism. Most dorms have their own chapel or area where weekly masses are held. This is not mandatory by any means and people of all races and religions are welcome to attend. I think the 85% is high but I do not doubt that over 50% of students are Catholic.</p>

<p>Free-ride to Notre freaking Dame is amazing in itself. You can't hate that culture they have there... be part of the Fighting Irish.</p>

<p>Notre Dame over Texas? Seriously? If the question were Notre Dame at $20K MORE than Texas, the answer would be Notre Dame. Notre Dame at $20K LESS than Texas is a no-brainer.</p>

<p>Agree with Pizzagirl. Unless you cannot stand the school for whatever reason, a free ride to ND is the way to go here.</p>

<p>Following on to post 10, if you haven't been admitted, what is the indication for a full ride?</p>

<p>^ Following up on post 11. Please don't make my thread take this direction. The question was on a very possible situation.</p>