Hartford 2022 admission

Anyone heard back in the last couple days? I was told I would hear back in 7-10 days about 3 days ago

A student in DS school heard early last week with great merit aid. They told DS his decision would be out very soon.

Anyone recently?

Accepted to Art School. Letter came in mail yesterday.

son heard back in November (can’t recall the exact date).

I’m new to CC but my daughter was considering this school and I spent a good deal of time researching it as an option for her, so I figured I’d share what I learned. The school has a few well-respected programs in the Hartt school and Physical therapy in their ENHP college. The Art school is also a reasonable option for students serious about pursuing their passion. But my research revealed serious issues with the institution overall. They report that only about 70% of freshman return for sophomore year so obviously many students arrive and quickly decide to transfer. More worrisome, only about 55% graduate in 6 years (Hartt and the Art School do better at over 65%).

I also learned, thanks to some networking with parents whose children attend Hartford, that virtually every student admitted (they admit almost 80% of applicants) is offered merit aid and that families seriously considering attendance, regardless of income, should push for at least 60% discount off the tuition. That’s apparently the going rate but the financial aid office understandably keeps that under wraps.

Finally, and this ultimately led us to deposit at another school, I found the article linked below.


Hartford is suffering enrollment declines and had a substantial budget deficit last year. They also had over 700 empty beds (approx. 350 rooms) in their dorms; I guess even the enrolled students prefer to live off campus. I didn’t know if this was a one off or not, so I scoured their list of faculty (we are from CT) until I found someone I knew (actually a friend of a friend). I emailed them last week to inquire about the university’s situation. She told me they have a new president who is bringing renewed energy to the campus but that he announced this year the deficit looks to be over $6 million. My daughter really wanted to attend but I was so concerned about Hartford’s stability and resources to fund their programs that I simply told her it was not an option. I do believe for some families/programs the University of Hartford could be a good choice. Unfortunately that’s not the case for us.