Hartt MT Admission Decisions

My son auditioned on December 7 for MT at Hartt. Did anyone else that auditioned on December 7 get a response yet? They guaranteed a response by Jan. 15, but said it would likely come this month during the parent Q&A. Any news?

No news for us yet. Someone was talking about an acceptance in another thread.

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Just logged into my son’s portal. Nothing new so I guess the wait continues. But he did get an email today thanking him for auditioning and inviting him to future campus events. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or just something that Hartt sends to everyone. Did you guys get the email?

Still no news. I know a few people who also auditioned that day who also have not heard anything. I agree that the Jan 15. date mentioned in the folder and the Info Session had mixed messages. I did see on a thread from last year that by 12/26 someone was talking about receiving an acceptance. We also received the same email about attending future events. It looks like they are there on Monday, so maybe then?

@DorkyDad keep checking the portal…

Just checked. Still nothing. The wait continues here …

@DorkyDad–I just found this thread by searching for Hartt December audition info… You might want to post in the musical theatre forum, since that’s where most of the discussion about prescreen & audition results are–as @TM701 suggested, the best place would be under The Class of 2024–Sharing, venting, discussing. I don’t know how to post the link here, unfortunately…

Any updates?

@toystorymom I saw your post in the other thread. When I am able to message, I would love to get your thoughts on the program.

@TM701 and @DorkyDad …yes, please head over to the MUsical Theatre Major forum…you will find lots of info over there… my D is a soph MT at Hartt.

@MThopeful2022 Thank you. I will check it out. May I message you when I am able to?

@TM701 Certainly…

Any news today?

No news for us…

@TM701 Which audition date and time did you do? We were at the Dec 8 afternoon audition

@modanbsmt001 it was the same weekend, not sure of the time.

Are people still waiting to hear from December auditions?

@TM701 Yes, we are still waiting. Have you called them? Any idea what the hold up is? When we were at NY unifieds the lady said there was some sort of computer glitch. Someone else said that we were likely put on hold until they finish auditions. Who knows what really happened but it would be great to know