Hartt School Musical Theatre notifications

Hello! My D auditioned at Hartt for the musical theatre BFA on Jan 28 and we have not yet heard anything. They’d said 2 to 3 weeks, which is about now. Has anyone else heard?

Hi, two years ago when my daughter was accepted, she didn’t hear until mid March. FYI, she’s a Hartt MT sophomore now and feels like she’s found a super home in Hartford!

Thank you for the information, and so happy to hear your D has found her college home!

We got an acceptance from Hartt today! Snail mail. So excited!

Yay! Such a great feeling!

Awesome news! When did your D/S audition for Hartt? I hear great things about the program, again congrats.

@mtmom911 @Fotokat Thanks so much! She auditioned at NYC Unifieds on January 19th.

My D received her acceptance packet in the mail yesterday!

My D also auditioned in NY unifiders. We received her acceptance last week. Maybe yours is coming since you auditioned a little later. Good luck!

Haven’t received anything yet. Is this a bad sign? :frowning:

Does anyone know how many acting students Hartt accepts?

Is anyone still waiting for the acceptance letter?