Hartwick 3-year degree impact

<p>My D is considering Hartwick for college in the fall. </p>

<p>If they are offering a 3-year degree program, is there any information on if this impacts (negatively) the students who go for the traditional 4? For example, they can't get in to the classes they want/need to graduate in 4 years because the 3 year degree students have preferential enrollment for classes?</p>

<p>Just wondering...</p>

<p>My older D is Hartwick Class of 2010. It sounds like the 3-year degree program has been a big PR move, in that it has generated press. From what I gather from her it is not a concern. However, she is in the Honors program, which offer Honors students a slightly earlier registration spot. If your D is eligible for the Honors program, I could tell you that my D has never had a problem getting a class -- even upper level classes when she was an underclassman (so to speak). D is very pleased with Hartwick and the opportunities she has been able to take advantage of.</p>