Hartwick -Who's applying?

<p>Excellent school....who's applying??</p>

<p>i am, for rd</p>

<p>My daughter applied.</p>

<p>Accepted early action.</p>

<p>Very well positioned LAC, with a nice college community environment.</p>

<p>She's also been accepted early action at RPI as a medalist, and Randolph-Macon with a Presidential scholarship, Quinnipiac, and SUNY/Binghamton. She's most positive about Hartwick. Sometimes it's just a feeling you get from visiting a campus. We'll see.</p>

<p>Cool....Hartwick finally gets a proper forum!</p>

<p>Dado...of the schools your daughter has been accepted to, Hartwick and RPI seem the best. I guess the question comes down to what type of student body and campus 'feel' is most appealing to her.</p>

<p>I am advised that I spoke too fast. </p>

<p>There is no 'early action' at Hartwick, only early decision. My dd applied regular decision and has not yet been advised if she is accepted, however based upon her interview earlier this past spring, upon acceptance she will be entitled to receive a regional award of $8k.</p>


<p>Wavelength-- Although SUNY/Binghamton is also good, given the positives of the smaller private school environments and the negatives of a larger state school environment, dd is not seriously considering it as the privates are already coming up with incentives.</p>