Harvard 2+2, Chances for an engineer?

Hi, I’m a little confused about my chances as an engineer that hasn’t really ever considered business school.

Any insight at all would be helpful:

Top 5 School
B.S. Computer Science - GPA: 3.8
M.S. Computer Science - GPA: 3.9 (so far)

GRE - Verbal: 164 (93%), Quant:164 (88%) AW: 4.5 (80%) without studying (Need to retake)

Non-traditional work experience:
Software Engineering internships at Google and top tech firms
Participated in an incubator with an entrepreneurial venture

TA for class at Stanford GSB

I’m a pretty unconventional application which is why I ask. Thanks again in advance!

Bump (pretty please)

I don’t think your application looks all that unconventional. Half of Harvard’s 2+2 class are from engineering and science fields (the class of 2018 has 59% of their students from STEM fields).

Anyway, with a top school, top grades, and internships at top firms within your field I’d say that you have a pretty good chance of admission. HBS only reports average GMAT scores for the 2+2 class, but your GRE scores are pretty high.