Harvard accepting transfers for fall 2012!?

<p>Hardvard's site says this:</p>

<p>Harvard is accepting transfer applicants for Fall 2012 admission. The application deadline for admission is March 1. The Committee on Transfer Admissions meets in May to consider candidates and admit for the fall term.</p>

<p>I thought they were not doing transfers!?</p>

<p>Harvard takes transfers - I'm not sure why people think that they don't. There's at least one person who transferred in last year (who I've met).
In previous years I think there may not have been space/no one got in, but that doesn't mean that Harvard just stopped the program.
Good luck if you're thinking about applying!</p>

<p>No, Harvard went two or three years recently in which its policy announced in advance was that it would not take any transfer students. It was only last year or the year before that it resumed taking a few transfer students. But it DID resume taking transfer students, so the nontransfer interregnum is irrelevant now.</p>