Harvard Application...Please Help!

<p>I'm in the process of creating a resume to attach to my Harvard App and I was wondering what people thought of an "Interests" category. I have seen it done before, but what would I put in it? Would I list some of the activities I like to do during my freetime....such as watching the food channel, cooking, driving to the mountain, etc...?</p>


<p>My S did not do that. I think your interests are self-explanatory if you write good essays and state what kind of extra-curriculars you were involved in. If you love to cook and are a gourmet chef, somewhere in your real life experiences you could make reference to it. I am not so sure the Harvard ad officer cares if you can make a "mean guacamole!" Only if you made 3000 lbs and served it to the homeless one lazy summer's day. Catch my drift?? They are looking for extraordinary things that you could contribute to the Harvard community. GOOD LUCK!</p>