Harvard Business

<p>When I checked out Harvard, I fell into love with it...the campus is great and the people are all smart but not snobbish...but I want to get a top-rate business degree and Haravard is usually ranked kinda low (5-8 range) in some studies while UPenn is usally ranked 1-2...are these results accurate? are there advanatges to a Harvard business degree? is it more prestegious? Thanks alot for comments :)</p>

<p>Harvard doesn't have an undergraduate business program. The rankings are for Harvard Business School, which awards MBAs. If you want to major in business, you'll have to look elsewhere (Penn/Cornell might be the only ivies? Check on this, I'm not sure). Tons of Harvard undergrads go on to business schools though, but they major in whatever they want. An undergraduate bus degree doesn't put you at an advantage for an MBA (some might say a disadvantage!)</p>

<p>Very true, dewitt. Before coming to Harvard, I looked for schools with undergraduate business programs. Then, I decided that I would like an MBA someday, so studying undergraduate business might just be a redudancy.</p>

<p>You must ask yourself whether or not you want an undergrad business degree. If you are unsure (like me), then come to Harvard not to study business, but to study the field that you want to pursue in business. Then, in the future, you can get your MBA from a business school.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice :)</p>

<p>How is harvard's finance school?? I want to major in finance undergrad and get an mba from harvard business school in grad.</p>

<p>Similar to having no undergraduate business degree, there is no undergrad finance degree. Your best bet is probably to study economics, and take finance-like classes here and at MIT. That's my plan, and it is going well.</p>