Harvard Class of 2023 Waitlisted Discussion

any information regarding other Ivys waitlists? what about Stanford? Cornell?

Cornell is done no more wait list.
I know two guys that got deferred invitations to the z-list for next year.
Also there is a post in reddit saying that 21 new people joined the FB admitted students this week.

Looking at the forums for other Ivy+ colleges, it appears that only Harvard, Yale, and Brown have yet to officially close their waitlists. According to last year’s Harvard waitlist thread, every acceptance from here on out has been for the Z-list with only one exception at the very end of June/early July. For better or for worse, we’re all probably going to know our final decisions within these next two weeks. Good luck to all!

why would an AO ask to call the applicant? is it good news?

This late I’d assume any call from an AO is probably an acceptance. Did you get one recently?

i was emailed to schedule a phone call

they also asked for my final grades earlier this morning

@september202017 That’s interesting. At the very least that probably means that someone at Harvard’s admissions office is very interested in your application, especially since they seem to have adopted a policy of radio silence towards the rest of us still on the list. Additionally, last year’s release pattern suggested that there should have been another wave today but that AFAIK didn’t happen. No idea what to expect anymore :frowning:

when is the final wave coming out

also, a friend of mine got contacted for final grades too

I was asked to send a report/final transcript a few days ago. Has anyone in this situation received good news already?

Looks like this is the final week. Good luck to the few that are still waiting…

Will they still notify people in the late afternoon?

Last year my daughter got her “yay off the waitlist” call late in the afternoon

Anyone hear anything recently?

AO responded to daughter’s update saying the committee will continue to work through the summer. Whatever that means!?

My daughter is still on the waitlist but has never been contacted by an AO and all of her communications have been through the designated general portals. Are we missing something??? How do other applicants have specific AOs to contact?

@threeplustwo: Harvard doesn’t publish a contact list of their AO’s, so prospective students cannot directly contact an AO, but must wait for the AO to contact them – either through a note sent via the portal or by the student’s email address of record.

@gibby Thank you. The fact that other applicants have been contacted makes me think that the lack of contact with my daughter may not bode well, but her performance and nature are also apparent enough that clarification may not be necessary. Remaining hopeful!

Just received a mysterious update to my portal today. Might be a sign that there’s another wave coming out tonight.

@anonymous9874 Where do you see this update? I don’t think anything has changed on my portal (yet).

Edit: As a side note, does anybody else find it strange that so many of us are still on this list when Harvard has traditionally wrapped things up by the end of June? Looking at past threads, there are usually only around 4-5 active posters still waiting at this point.