Harvard courses!!!

<p>I was wondering if harvard had a good undergrad business program, if they even have one!</p>

<p>nope economics only in undergraduate</p>

<p>UPenn's business for undergrad is the best</p>

<p>alright but harvard could be a good backup if i don't get into UPENN (knock on wood) right?
and how about MIT (Sloan) and NYU (Stern) - I'm from NY!</p>

<p>Well I would be hard pressed to say that Harvard or MIT make good back-ups, but you would in no way be hindered in a business career by going to Harvard as opposed to UPenn IMO</p>

<p>how about Virginia & Michigan? Those have good undergraduate business programs.</p>

<p>To repeat what has been said, Harvard does not have an undergraduate business major. (This is a Frequently Asked Question at meetings about Harvard; I've heard this answer a lot.) Of course, some young people start businesses right after they graduate from Harvard, or even drop out of Harvard to run businesses, but they aren't going to Harvard to "study business" in the usually understood sense of that term.</p>

<p>There are a few business jobs that are easier slightly more accessible to Wharton grads (private equity, possibly marketing). And a few jobs are slightly easier to get coming of Harvard (management consulting). Others are probably a wash (entrepreneurship, investment banking)</p>

<p>thanks guys, but what's IMO?</p>

<p>Urban</a> Dictionary: imo</p>