Harvard Crimson: Be More Like Stanford

<p>Article in the Crimson a few weeks back (Concentrating on Econ,Feb 1) regarding problems in the Econ. department; suggested solution was basically "be more like Stanford":</p>

<p>'As to what Harvard can do in the meantime to ease the situation, it should continue adding more difficult quantitative requirements to economics, in keeping with those of peer institutions. Stanford, for instance, requires a five-credit accelerated calculus course in its own economics program. This would distinguish the students who truly care about economics as an academic discipline, and allow them to get personalized faculty attention. It would also be a gift in disguise to less dedicated economics concentrators, who may be forced to discover what truly interests them academically.'</p>

<p>Need to start cracking the whip on those H Econ slackers...</p>