harvard ea + other ivies

<p>I am a Korean student
(though I did stay in the States for about 3 years about like 10 years ago...)
my school does not offer any classes related to SATs or APs...</p>

<p>here are my stats.</p>

verbal : 690
math : 800</p>

chemistry : 800
math IIC : 800
physics : 800
writing : 640(damn;;;)
UShistory : 720</p>

physics C :5
calculus BC : 5
chemistry : 5</p>


school president 12th grade
class president 11th grade
Korean Physics Olympiad(KPhO) Bronze medalist
Province physics competition Silver medalist
Province creative science competition Silver medalist
(??not sure what the American name for it is...)
Province scholarship winner for 3 consecutive years
Province Governer Honors Award 12th grade
City Squash tournament semi-finalist
200 hours of community work
Captain of my school's English debate team
....................and some more(I can't quite think of all of them right now...)</p>

<p>I have quite decent essays
and I have great recommendations from 3 high school teachers
and.....I have a really great recommendation from my school's principal</p>

<p>how are my chances...???
I'm really worried about it since I've got no information related to going to an American university...</p>

<p>oh I forgot to write my GPA

<p>ranked 1/563</p>

<p>please help me out~~
I'm in desperate need of help......~~~~</p>


<p>HYP are reaches for everyone no matter what your scores are, because there are just not enough seats. Take into consideration that last year 56,462 people applied to these 3 schools and only 5855 were admitted, for approximately 3500 acceptances, because they know that everyone who was admitted is not going to attend.</p>

<p>Look at Dartmouth, who enrolled a particularly large class this year in comparison to other years and are looking to change so that they don't enroll more than 1000 students per year.</p>

<p>Cornell had over 20,000 applications , admitted 6130 of which 3093 enrolled.</p>

<p>To top, it off you will be applying as an international student where the pool is going to be much more competitive for a handful of spots (maybe less than 100 at most schools, with the exception of Harvard which may be about 200) </p>

<p>I do not think that any one can truly give you an accurate guess, because there are also subjective criteria which much be taken into consideration. for example some schools are not need blind, meaning that they will look at your ability to pay for college.</p>


<p>What part did you not understand. maybe you are waiting for an answer that is less than truthful</p>