Harvard Ea

<p>where is everyone</p>

<p>Hey Justice. You're majoring in physics, right?</p>

<p>not sure if harvard would be such a great place for physics.</p>

<p>my cousin is majoring in astrophysics at Harvard and she absolutely loves it.</p>

<p>I'm harvard EA! Sent in the app on Friday... it felt so good.</p>

<p>nice...i am done but theres still a couple things left to do before i can send. just<em>forget</em>me i feel like you're such a lock for harvard EA...hopefully they dont do anything wacky!</p>

<p>what senior classes are you all taking? im doing</p>

<p>linear algebra
ap bio-cellular bio
creative writing fiction
ap french 5
ap music theory and composition

<p>I really appreciate you saying I'm a lock! I don't think I am; I mean, I'm qualified... but I don't think that the application is really "me." But we'll see.</p>

<p>That's an impressive senior schedule! Mine is:</p>

<p>Differential equations
AP Bio
Ap US Gov (yearlong, first year of course)
AP Lit
Hon. Latin IV
Health (semester)</p>

<p>ap micro/macroeconomics
ap euro
ap english
japanese 5
linear algebra
multivariable calc
real/complex analysis (next semester)
differential equations (next semester at JHU)
quantum mechanics</p>

<p>So much for college math setting me apart :-P. I wonder what % of Harvard applicants have classes beyond AP Calc.</p>

<p>eh I would imagine not a whole lot; certainly not a majority. I just really, really, really like math/science (plus, quantum mechanics requires a variety of upper-division mathematics).</p>

<p>what do you guys plan on majoring in? I'm theoretical physics/mathematics.</p>

<p>im english and physics or econ and physics</p>

<p>the number of lurkers in this thread is really bothering me...the pg view number is so high!</p>

<p>applied math ec.</p>

<p>linear/number theory/adv. topics</p>

<p>how many people past AP Calc? not too many...</p>

<p>Nothing past AP calc for me, unfortunately. :( I thought getting to BC was good, but apparently not, especially as I'm considering a math major. I'll probably double major in math (maybe physics or astronomy) and music. I'm a pianist.</p>

<p>Princetonwannabe, Harvard's a fine place for physics, as long as you don't mind slightly aloof profs. At least, that's what my dad (Harvard physics major, class of 81) has told me.</p>

<p>The only real things I have going for me are my SAT scores (1600, strong SAT IIs) and legacies. I don't think I have a snowball's chance in hell.</p>

<p>I'm applying EA... My profile is on p r s t a t s under modestmouse. I would normally have no shot in hell(I'm more or less the typical candidate, 1500+, clubs, etc, etc), but I go to a really bad, underpeforming, rural, crappy, terrible, ghetto, bad school.</p>

<p>Have all of you sent in your applications already? Geez, three cheers for procrastination here!</p>

<p>Here are the USNews rankings of the top 10 Physics departments:</p>

<p>[Of 1,000 programs:]</p>

<li><p>MIT, Caltech</p></li>
<li><p>Harvard, Stanford, Princeton</p></li>
<li><p>Cornell, Chicago</p></li>
<li><p>U. of Illinois C-U</p></li>
<li><p>Columbia, UC Santa Barbara</p></li>

<p>hey, justice, you go to andover right? i go to exeter xP as for number of ppl above AP Calc, theres quite a few from my school, and they are all applying to Harvard early.</p>

<p>Hehe, Bryllyg. Good luck with Real Analysis. It's painful, but the good kind :). Far, far, far more difficult than anything else up to that point...</p>

<p>(I'm doing Harvard EA too, math major).</p>

<p>really? hmm...I look forward to it then :)</p>

<p>did you guys staple it all together or leave it in sheets? single-side or double-sided printing? 'm gonna send it off tomorrow</p>

<p>I did it online.</p>

<p>I got my PIN today (did the email thing). They have my SAT scores + app... awesome. I guess I should be expecting a call about an interview soonish.</p>