Harvard EA'ers Unite II!

<p>Thought I'd start this up again....</p>

<p>So anyone else not finished with their app yet? Im about 98% done, and i just need to finish the essays.</p>

<p>Post your stats too, if you want.</p>

<p>thesandman-I'm about at the same point as you. Just need to do some final revising to the essays, decide which things I want to send as supplemental, and add on a couple of my ECs. My stats are on the old post... I could repost if anyone cared.</p>

<p>Is anyone doing it online? I was planning on it, but some of the stuff looked really crappy when I did a print preview.</p>

<p>post your stats.</p>

<p>David, you don't remember them? I'm the other CC football player...</p>

<p>Anyway, since he asked.</p>

<p>SAT I: 1600. SAT II: 3x800 (IIc, US, Wr)
GPA: 4.62w, 3.9something UW
Class Rank: My school doesn't officially rank, but my GCs said it's okay to put that I have the highest GPA.
4 AP 5s. Taking 3 more tests this year.
ECs: football, student council president, newspaper co-editor, some other stuff.</p>

<p>Have some great recs. Quite honestly, my essays aren't that wonderful, but hopefully they'll do.</p>

<p>bah.. mediocre at best.</p>

<p>btw... what position do you play in football?</p>

<p>Inside linebacker. Might have to start this week at guard, which sucks (i'm barely 180).</p>