Harvard Interview Form

<p>I live in silicon valley, and they do interviews for a lot of people all in one day. I have several questions and my interview is this weekend so if someone could please respond ASAP and help me, that would be much appreciated(:</p>

<li>Do I have to dress up formally? It's at this office building. I assume yes?</li>
<li>They have a form for me to fill out and one says "What you want to discuss in this interview". uhhh what? isn't that their job to plan what questions to ask me... I'm not sure what I put in this section..</li>

<p>bumppppp please someone help meee! it's tomorrowww):</p>

<p>From my perspective you'd want to talk about the match between your interests and abilities and what Harvard offers. Students who come in without knowing even the basics about the school, of the sort that can be gleaned from the website alone, seem relatively careless and unmotivated. "Is there a club for activity x?" " Can I live off-campus" and the like suggests someone who has not done the homework.</p>


<p>So on this form they want me to write out it says:
Things You Would Most Like to Discuss During the Interview:</p>

<p>so you think i should write "i would like to discuss about the match between my interests and what harvard offers". cause I was thinking more along the lines of "I would like to discuss my extracurriculars and honors as well as hear about my interviewer's personal experiences at harvard"</p>

<p>anyone from silicon valley who has filled out this form before?! PLEASE I NEED HELP. Also, I don't know if I have to go into detail for the extracurriculars but it barely gives you any space. WHAT DO I DO?! HELPP!</p>

<p>Be specific offer details about either answer. This is your chance to steer the conversation towards where you shine</p>