Harvard Interview

Hello, I applied early at Harvard on Nov 1, 2020. When do they usually contact for interviews? I’m an international student.

I have heard that some students have received emails for interviews.
May be they’ll contact you soon !
Btw, what is your geographical location ?
I am from India . ?

It’s based on alumni availability----NOT on the strength of your application. It tends to be more difficult for international applicants to be interviewed than domestic applicants as most grads live in the US, but more interviewers are probably willing to interview international applicants given that it’s online.

@PikachuRocks15 my country is not listed in availability. Will they contact me anyway?

I would try not to stress too much about this. If you don’t have an interview, it won’t affect your chances. But it is likely someone will contact you. You just have to be patient, which is hard when you are anxious.

@damnatiomemoriae According to Harvard Admissions: “If your country is not listed on this page, we do not have local interviewers available. The lack of an interview will not affect your candidacy.” So don’t worry about it! :smile:

Interview Info: https://college.harvard.edu/guides/what-expect-after-you-apply

I was contacted on 11/10 and my interview was held on 11/13. I am located in Arizona.

Hello I am a student from Bangladesh. I applied on Nov 1, 2020 (Early Action). Today is November 15, 2020. If anyone receives an email for interview after Nov 15, please let me know. I’m getting anxious.

Bangladesh is a country with no interviewers. The lack if an interview will not impact your application.

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Hello. I’m from Bangladesh too and I also applied REA. I too haven’t received any email for interview.

It is very possible than applicants will receive an interview request when livivg in a country without alumni interviewers, particularly this year will interviews being virtual.

That said, the alumni office is still going to first match interviewees and interviewers within the region.

Bottom line, though, is that overall, there are not enough interviewers to speak with all the applicants, so applicants should devote energy to RD applications and not spend time trying to read the tea leaves.

Which country you are from?any south asian country?

I am from India, what about you people ?