Harvard Lightweight women recruiting

<p>What lightweight women's 2k time is needed to be seriously considered as a recruit at Harvard or Princeton?</p>

<p>In the low 7:40s. However, Harvard is doing less well than Princeton in the women's LW, so I'd expect their recruiting standards to be less stringent than Princeton's.</p>

<p>sub 7:40 </p>

<p>getting more and more competitive</p>

<p>D's experience was that Princeton was looking for sub-7:40. Harvard and Stanford, Georgetown too, a bit more generous (although Michiel Bartman, newly at Harvard, interested in v. fast 2k's). But moving a boat in competition, espec. at Nationals (with appropriate academics) will always excite a coach and offset slightly slower than sub-7:40 times....</p>

<p>Sure, they're all looking for 7:30. Any idea how many true LW high school women go below a 7:40 and also qualify academically for Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown? Also, many head to Wisconsin.</p>

<p>About 8? Give or take a couple? Could be way off base. I'm just guessing based on the candidates D met or heard of at this fall's OV's/</p>

<p>Exactly. Given that each school recruits between 5 and 8 rowers, there's a limited supply of available recruits.</p>

<p>Yes, absolutely. They're all looking for sub-7:40 (loved your comment about 7:30! D was encouraged to shoot for that by at least one coach), but low 7:40's will do, and even a bit above sometimes, depending on other factors. There are rosters/boats to fill.</p>

<p>Would 7:45 with good academics, coming from a prestigious school be competitive?</p>

<p>are you a junior?</p>

<p>Yes, I am a junior.</p>

<p>Sounds like you're in a pretty good position Beach4422. Shaving a few seconds off your 2k would be to your advantage, but you have the next 7 months (July/early August won't be too late) to do that and many rowers can make strides the spring of junior year. Speaking as a parent of a daughter with good academics from a prestigious school, keep in mind that a 3.8 GPA is what the Ivies are looking for but the more rigorous the school and the lower the 2K erg, the lower the GPA (probably not below 3.7 however). As many CC posters have noted, strive for a minimum 2100 SAT. That too can be a tad lower, depending on your athleticism, but not by much.</p>

<p>p.s. to the above: I'm not sure about Stanford, which I suspect has more, but Harvard and Princeton coaches this year appeared to have 3 to possibly 5 recruits each through EA, a couple more through RD. We heard this from the coaches, also team members and recent graduates.</p>

<p>It's unfortunate that the standards are so high for lightweight women :|
I have a friend who has 1790 SAT and sub 6:45 2k who has a good chance of getting into Harvard for lightweight men. My teammate last year also got into Princeton's open women program with less than a 2000. I was told by the Harvard coach that they are indeed looking for sub 7:40 2k and +2100 SAT but depending on your racing experience, those numbers are slightly flexible.</p>

<p>Sub 7:40 for lightweight?</p>

<p>You bet! But I've seen recruits above and below that. Of course you should aim for 7:40 but its not like a cut off time</p>

<p>just be persistent and keep emailing/calling the coach showing your interest.</p>

<p>If your erg score is low enough your SAT scores don't need to be 2100+, I would say around 2000.</p>

<p>I would amend the above to say that a 2000 SAT score for a female lightweight rower is quite low, possibly too low. From reports this year, 2080 will be ok at Harvard and like schools if you have a solid GPA and an erg time under 7:40. Possibly even 2050. I think it's wise to echo the CC veterans in saying: aim for 2100, 700's across the board, if hoping to row for Harvard, Stanford or Princeton, where women's lightweight rowing is a dedicated sport (as it is also at Georgetown, Wisconsin and MIT). The coaches at HPS will ask for 2100 and then adjust their SAT expectations if the erg score is exceptional. And vice-versa: higher SAT offsets slower erg. Georgetown is a bit more forgiving re SAT and erg scores.</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for the responses! Out of curiosity, how much would an SAT score higher than a 2300 offset a 2k time?</p>

<p>If you have an SAT higher than 2300 than you have a good chance of getting in to stanford, harvard, princeton etc without the coach supporting your application (given the rest of your academic stats are excellent). Harvard told me that with an erg score around 8:00, you can join the team as a walk on rather than a recruit. This would require that you get accepted to that school without the help of the coach. To be recruited and have your application supported, you still need to have a really strong 2k. </p>

<p>I know for lightweight women, many of them come from places where they haven't had much racing experience but are amazing athletes. If you have raced in a lot of large regattas and placed well, that can also help your chances of recruitment. In the end, it's all about how you market yourself and your strengths. Make the coaches WANT you</p>