Harvard MBA/2008


<pre><code> I expect to earn a Ph. D. in physics in June of 2008, and apply to Harvard (or another equally-prestigious program) for an MBA immediately afterword, during their "Round I." Does holding a doctorate generally increase or decrease the likelihood of admission?

<p>Word-of-mouth: "A Ph.D. is too ivory-towerish; your chances will be diminished."
"Wow! A Ph.D.? Incredible! That'll make you stand out."</p>

<p>--If you don't like working off a stub, just say so in your reply, and I'll give more statistics.</p>

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<p>you would have to make the case of why you wanted one and depending on what you said, it would probably increase your chance</p>

<p>Unless you've had some work experience, you'd be better off applying to a research MBA program. Harvard puts heavy emphasis on work experience.</p>