Harvard Party/Social Scene

Hey everyone. I’ve read a similar thread, but I didn’t really receive much from it so I am going to ask again! How do you feel about the Harvard party scene? Social life is important to me and although I know Harvard is obviously not a “party school”, would you say there is a present party scene for those interested in participating in it? I wasn’t able to visit Harvard due to the corona virus events so I don’t really have a sense of the community/social life there. On the weekends, what does the majority of students do? Do they mainly stay in or do they go out/party and stuff? Hope this doesn’t sound like a dumb question lol, and thanks to anyone for their input!!

Definitely not a dumb question. I’d take a wild guess and say a lot of kids want to know the same thing. I read your post and asked my DD about the social scene at Harvard (kids are home from college so I snuck in a few questions). She says that Harvard definitely does have an active party scene, and many people do participate.  As a first-year she was able to find something to do virtually every weekend night before Covid19 ended the on-campus life but that being said, the quality of the parties vary (but that’s true anywhere)  She says there are plenty of people who habitually go out, and many people are usually looking for something to do on Friday and Saturday nights. Her class cohort is a mixed bag of kids some who were the social kids in high school that never turned down a party or a good night out and there are those that were grinding 24/7 in high school. So those kids were a little inexperienced to the party scene once they hit campus and it showed :slight_smile: She shared a few more things about the social scene at Harvard from a new student’s perspective. I’d be happy to share her additional insights if you want to PM me.

Social life is fine.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this! This definitely puts me at ease, since I wanted to make sure that Harvard will be more than just the academics!

All I can say that any time I visited my son over the last 2 years, there were parties big time happening in the upper classmen dorms. And I really mean it - big time parties!