Harvard Question

Hello everyone:)

I am a student from a middle class family on the west side. I am fortunate enough to have a very successful grandfather (a general in the navy and a physician) who donated tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to his alma mater, Harvard U. I have a 3.993 unweighted GPA, a 2240 sat, and a lot of other stuff typical of CC enthusiasts. I was wondering this: how do I go about telling harvard about my grandfather’s contributions on the common app? Also, do you think that his contributions will help me get admission?

Thanks so much.

PS: I want to apply EA. Also, please no hate. If you want to be mean, go beat up a porcupine.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sure, it won’t hurt.

But do you know how to put it on the common app?
Thanks :slight_smile:

List him in the legacy spot

Put it on your application in the legacy spot. It might not help very much, but it certainly won’t hurt your application.

Do you mean an admiral in the Navy?

Oops xD

If your grandfather is still alive, he needs to call/write Harvard on your behalf after you apply.

Not in luck in that sense… :confused: