Harvard SAT/ACT scores DOOMED!!!

<p>Okay!!! I registered to take another SAT subject test in January and I went ahead to send in all of my SAT scores too!!! Well I do not want to send of my SAT scores because they are low compared to what Harvard wants and my ACT scores are so muc better!!! I went onto Collegeboard to take them off of the sent score list but the scores have already been sent and I don't want them to see those scores...WHAT CAN I DO??? Could I call the collegeboard and tell them not to finalize the sent scores because they will not be completely released until Feb 16th...Am I doomed or am I doomed???</p>

<p>They consider your highest scores anyway and not getting into Harvard is not NEARLY the end of the world.... Relax</p>

<li><p>Harvard is overrated.</p></li>
<li><p>Chill out.</p></li>
<li><p>They're not kidding when they say they consider your highest scores. They'll use your ACT if they think it's better than your SAT.</p></li>

<p>They look at your highest score</p>

<p>You could email Harvard and request they only consider your ACT scores, just to make sure. Probably no way to stop SAT delivery.</p>

<p>Honestly, by that post alone, you seem like the type of applicant Harvard is most likely to reject to be honest...</p>