Harvard SATs

<p>Everyone note, if the midrange of Harvard is xxxx-1590, then it does NOT mean that 25% of the students at Harvard have 1600s, it means that 25% of the studetns have 1590s or 1600s</p>

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<p>that's pretty amazing...still</p>

<p>And, remember that that means best combined of 1590 or 1600... not single sitting.</p>

<p>yea...i mean its good and all..but its possible to get with a lot of studying.</p>

<p>Okay-You guys can tell me if I'm wrong, but I think you're misinterpreting the Statistics. They get the 25th-75th of xxxx-1590 by adding up the math and verbal 25th-75th percentiles, which is ALL that harvard releases. So math is something like 700-800 and verbal 700-790. However, you don't just add these up to get the composite 25th-75th! That's because the people who got a 790 on math didn't necessarily get an 800 on verbal too, they may have got 25ht percentile in verbal...Thus, it is completely inaccurate to say that 25 percent got a 1590 or 1600.</p>

<p>Thank you! You point out what seems to be a common misunderstanding about these combined score ranges.</p>

<p>btw, about 2000 apps have 800 V and about 3000 have 800 M; with apparrently only about 4 or 500 of each admitted (the number depending upon whether the top quarter range is for attending or admitted students). So, maybe if you have an 800V your chances go up to one in four?</p>

<p>But what I think it really says is that Harvard is not just about SATs, as impressive as they are collectively at the upper quartile</p>

<p>thank you, i was wondering where people got the 1590 statistic -- they combined the top of the midranges of the composite scores. The number is more like 1570 after multiple sittings and choosing different composites from each -- still <i>very</i> good.</p>