Harvard SCEA, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. BE BRUTALLY HONEST!!!!!!!! Will chance back..

Intended major: Electrical engineering
GPA: 4.48 (w), 4.00 (uw)
Class rank: 4/390
ACT: 32c one sitting (32 math, 35 english, 30 reading, 31 science, 10 writing) taken 5 times!!!
SAT: 2250 one sitting (730 math and reading, 790 writing) taken twice
SAT 2: 800 (math 2), 750 (ush), 710 (physics) taken once
AP Scores: european history (4), statistics (4), calculus AB (5), physics (4), us history (5)
Awards: National Merit Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction
Senior Courseload:
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 2
AP Literature
AP Government
AP Calculus BC
Data Structures and Algorithmic Thinking (CIS 300 at Kansas State University)
Chamber Orchestra

Extracurriculars: Varsity Scholars Bowl (3 years), Debate and Forensics (3 years), Orchestra (concertmaster for 4 years), played as concertmaster of the honors orchestra at Chicago Symphony Hall for a competition for schools, have a research publication on neuroscience/computer science, couple of clubs
Volunteer Activities: Tutoring underprivileged children (35 hours), Intern at Power Electronics Lab at Kansas State University (40 hours), volunteer at local hospital (60 hours), other (60 hours)
Work: taught violin for 3 years, played in a few gigs in a quartet

Hooks: none
Race: Indian
Gender: Male
Type of school: large, public
State: Kansas

Any tips are welcome. Leave a link in the comments if you’d like me to chance back. Thanks!

Harvard SEAS SCEA: Reach
Stanford: Reach
Berkeley: High match (can you pay full-freight?)
CMU: High match (CMU has trouble in the Great Plains)
Duke Pratt: Reach
Princeton: Reach
NWU McCormick: Reach

Is KU honors applicable in an engineering context? If so, then it is your safety.

Thanks for the reply. Well I was going to apply to K-State as my backup because they would give me full tuition and admission into their honors program.

I don’t see any weaknesses or gaps. One observation though, you can’t tell by reading this summary of accomplishments what your intended major or career goals. As you complete applications and essays it would be nice if you conveyed what your goals are, even if they end up changing. your 2250 is equal to a 34 ACT which is good enough. You will need to submit both ACT and SAT to Stanford. Money does factor in here, do you know what your EFC is likely to be? With a middle class or lower family income, Berkeley may end up being your most expensive option particularly if it takes you five years due to UC course scheduling. Consider also Georgia Tech, Franklin Olin, Cooper Union and Penn or Cornell. Harvard is obviously prestigious but the impression I’ve gotten by visiting them is that Penn and Cornell are the Ivy’s with stronger engineering departments

Are you SE Asian or Native American? If the latter, you have a solid application for all schools mentioned. If the former, that demographic is uber competitive-- and you would probably be a reach for H and S. Although, being Kansas would count in your favor.

I am applying to all of those actually. These are just my reach schools that I wanted to get an opinion on. Thanks!

I’m SE Asian (unfortunately). It sucks especially for Harvard…