Harvard Summer Program

<p>Hi I am currently a high school Junior who has recently been accepted to the Harvard Summer School Program. I am scheduled to take Neurobiology and Introductory Psychology Does anyone know what the intensity of the offered courses are in comparison to actual AP courses? (I will also be taking additional on-line courses and will need to know how to best pace myself).</p>

<p>Any insight is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>i went to harvard ssp last year and took neurobiology. It’s pretty easy and the work load isn’t bad at all. just make sure you read some of the chapters in the textbook and go to class and you should be fine. </p>

<p>be prepared for the best summer of your life</p>

<p>Ahh…I went two years ago and you my friend are a dime a dozen. Seriously, everyone in your dorm is doing that. Mark my words.</p>

<p>Anyway, the workload I heard from some of my peers was that Neuro was medium to hard, and Intro to Psych is good (get the textbook now and international edition, that class is the *****). But you do need to do the assignments and readings. The class may not be hard, but the workload is super accelerated.</p>

<p>I didn’t go to Harvard summer school, but I did go to Brown summer school twice: the summer before I was in 8th grade, and the summer before I was a sophomore in high school. It was well worth it, I’ll remember some of those memories for the rest of my life.</p>

<p>What are the social activities at harvard ssp for high school students? Could somebody tell me about their experience in the social scene? are karaoke nights every weekend?</p>