Harvard Supplement...Doesnt have a required essay?

<p>Hey all just a quick question...</p>

<p>I finally got started on my harvard appl;ication today, and I just noticed something....theres no other essays in the app except for the standard short answer about an activity and the personal statement in the common application... The harvard supplement gives you an "optional" essay though. Did any of you guys do this optional essay? Is it truly optional? Help!</p>

<p>yes for me, and yes</p>

<p>do the optional essay. it gives you a better chance to express yourself and it shows enthusiasm which is probably a good thing. i did it becoz there was loads of stuff i wanted to talk about which couldnt go in anywhere else.</p>

<p>I'm a Harvard freshman this year, and I did not send the optional essay with the Common App. Only do the essay if it adds something extra to your application. Otherwise, it may hurt to add an extra, weak essay.</p>

<p>Oy, I added an extra essay and now I'm really scared that it was weak and worsened my whole application...too late now I guess. Should we send in additional information if something happened after we sent the application off?</p>

<p>Being nervous won't do any good. If anything notable has changed, it is always good to send more information, but only if it is something of importance. Sending updated info is usually good for your application.</p>

<p>thanks alot harvard08, i guess i wont send one in, just focus on the personal statement..</p>

<p>how come harvard doesnt have the same beastly essays that yale and princetonr equire? ( the extra 2 that are 250 words long)</p>

<p>also, why no random questions? (favorite move, food, etc)</p>