Harvard supplement- list of books

<p>Does Harvard want a list of books and their authors and do we title it?
Also, is 10 books a bit meager for the admissions committee? Any reply would help :)</p>

<p>I think that the question meant 'Write about anything else that you felt was important but not included in the application'. I personally wrote about my career aspirations. The book example was probably to entail that you can write about anything.</p>

<p>The list of books is but one example of the variety of forms that the supplemental essay can take. </p>

<p>This is just my opinion but I've always found it to be a pretty weak form of application material; if it were me I would list a very small number of books with a bit of explanation as to why they're important to my application, i.e. why I chose to take up the admissions officer's time with it. Listing like 20 books seems to only prove that you read, which should be a given.</p>

<p>okay! Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Unless you're really set on it, I would advise you use the supplement to write another essay as opposed to listing the books. The chance to tell the admissions officers something else about you/your life is very valuable, and I feel like a list of books probably won't do as much for you as an actual essay. Do you have an essay from another application that you could use?</p>