Harvard Symposium

<p>the princeton kids have thier lounge: columbia kids have thier coffe-shop. being harvard kids, we will dub our informal thread - symposium. lol...ive actually wanted to have one...anyhow, lets refrain from posting stats! this is a great way to kill time until dec.11!</p>

<p>does senior fall feel like a whirlwind to you? it's all passing by so quickly. it seemed like just last week that school started</p>

<p>where are you from? im in MA</p>

<p>lol im in houston,tx and i cant believe in 3 weeks i will be getting off for thanksgiving! ahh so excited bout that...i hate school rite now! especially calc . im not a math person at all! truly, im starting to see no point in my classes after turning in my app...its not like those grades account for much. i just want to curl in my bed and sleep forever....</p>

<p>I just want to find out if I was accepted or not-- like right now-- and move on with life if I am not-- which is the most likely case : (</p>

<p>agree w/everything said! houston is awesome! i'm from la, btw...can't wait for january!</p>