Harvard University Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Action (EA) Restrictive deadline for the Harvard University is November 1.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!


Here’s a discord server for class of 2027 applicants! this link expires 10/2 but I’ll try to remember to post another one

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Here’s the discord link that will work til 10/9!


4.00 UGPA
SAT 1550
AP Test (4) with score of 5
Biomedical Engineering

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lol I just realized the link can be made to never expire so here’s that: Harvard '27 Applicants

it says that the link is invalid, can you please resend? thanks.

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Did everyone who applied early receive an email from President Larry Bacow regarding the Supreme Court arguments made on 10/31?



I received an email but didn’t apply.

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Nothing new here?

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Is Harvard interviewing REA applicants? Do invites go out to all applicants?


Interviews are randomly assigned based on availability

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Thank you!

Any word on when REA decisions will come out in December?

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No. Nor will there be any update until December

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any word?

If you haven’t got an interview invitation yet after EA application, does it mean you are almost sure to be deferred on rejected? TIA

I was wondering what might be a chance for a person to get into Harvard if they have like unweighted 3.7 GPA but they have a 4.6-weighted GPA. Any thoughts?