Harvard University Waitlist Class of 2026

Share a link? It was a phone call hahaha

nah but u said someone on reddit?

Here is the link to the reddit post where this was discussed:


Thanks - not sure how i didnt see that, Ive commented so many times on that thread, lol

If what the reddit guy said is true, then at least one person should be notified very soon. If anybody gets off let us know here!


I talked to an admissions officer today at Harvard College. She told me that today at the end of the day, Harvard is going to make an announcement/update on waiting list. She hinted there will be a few admits.


Does it mean those waitlist would have received phone call already before official updates?

Some student’s status has changed on their portal. Those whose WL status is not showing has either been rejected or accepted off the waitlist. Those who is still confirmed on the WL will remain for later waves. My D WL status is no longer on her portal so she’s either rejected or accepted. Either way, I’m just glad the wait is over for her.

No I believe they call those who are accepted later tonight after 5pm. Those who are rejected off the waitlist will probably get an email letting them know that they are no longer being considered for the waitlist.

Everyone’s WL status has disappeared, according to Reddit.

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no, not mine

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That most likely means that you are still being considered for next waves.

Mine still has the original thing. “Status Update” from March 31 and a spot to upload waitlist materials. What does that mean?


no one knows

Where did you read that the waitlist status has disappeared? What does that mean? My son’s portal is exactly the same with a status update March31.

This was mentioned earlier in the day but things have changed quickly. Kids sound like they are refreshing their portals multiple times throughout the day making it confusing. As recently as 15 min ago several posts said their entire portal was down.

At this point, it looks like the portals are “back to normal”.

Just got a status update, rejection :frowning:
Good luck to everyone!

Also rejection.

I just checked. rejected also. oh well, life goes on. Good luck eveyone!