Harvard/Yale Application Confirmations

<p>Hey for those who are applying to Harvard and Yale, have you guys got your PINs or anything to confirm that they received your materials? I got zilch so far, and it's been a month (since Harvard's deadline anyway).</p>

<p>Dint' apply to yale, but I haven't heard anything from harvard or cornell even though i submitted over a month ago</p>

<p>I haven't received anything from the schools I applied to either. I tried to ask for my Harvard PIN via e-mail, but they sent an auto-response saying they couldn't find my file. I sent my application through courier, so I know my stuff reached them. I'm thinking Harvard hasn't sorted my file yet.</p>

<p>Yeah they probably haven't finished filing all of the apps. I got my Harvard (and Cornell) PIN, but it says they haven't received my transcripts, letters of rec, etc...when I made sure it was sent out a month ago. So don't stress guys...they will get to the transfer apps once the freshman decisions are made.</p>

<p>Yale doesn't give out PIN's for transfer applicants. If they are missing something they will call or e-mail you.</p>