<p>Hey i'm African American and a junior in high school. My parents moved from Sierra Leone when Civil War broke out in the 90's. Here's my resume and plz honestly tell me what you think my chances are for getting into Harvard? Thanks!
-4.0 unweighted gpa
-14 AP's (5's on 11 of them, 4's on the rest)
- 2336 SAT
-35 composite ACT
- Over 700 volunteer hours
-President of HOSA
-President of Key Club
-National Honor Society Member
-National Merit Society semifinalist
-Published a book
-Wrote a article in a science magazine
-Habitat for Humanity
-Founded and President of my school's Animal Protection Club</p>

<p>Harvard is a reach for anyone, but I think you have a decent shot, given that your 2336 SAT isn’t true.</p>

<p>You’ll get in.</p>

<p>with a 2336 sat score anything is possible.</p>

<p>All anyone can assure you of, where Harvard (and other ultra-selective colleges) is concerned, is that your application will receive careful, respectful consideration. You definitely have a chance, which is better than most students can hope for. Harvard is a long shot for even the most impressive applicants, nevertheless. Good luck! Check back in next year, for updates and recommendation for back-up choices. </p>

<p>Lol @wcao9311‌ If you can get a 2336, you can get into Harvard. I really wish CC hadn’t banned that word that reminds with “stroll” or “control” because I would totally use it here. </p>

<p>Its impossible to get a 2336</p>

<p>@Lacoste For some of those “special”,competitve applicants anything is possible</p>

<p>2336 ? The score is marked 10 by 10. So this score seems weird. </p>

<p>2330 so sorry lo</p>

<p>On another thread you wrote:</p>

<p>“I am a high school freshman, and know this is a very early start but I am casually looking around and I’ve heard that Cornell is a very good school. Besides from the academics how is the campus, activities, weather, safety ect.”</p>

<p>So which is it, @swagmoney99 ?</p>

<p>I’m sorry, but could you please stop lying to make others feel worse about themselves? Is this actually making you feel any better anyways? What was the point of posting these lies?</p>

<p>If you can get a 2336, you can do anything. </p>

<p>Welcome to Harvard</p>

<p>Loads of made up stuff here swagmoney99? Why put forth so much energy. I think the grass needs mowing.</p>

<p>If you can bump it up to a 2356 I think you stand a shot!</p>