Has any1 ever tried to guess an answer before you looked at the answer choices for CR

<p>Hi guys. I am at a stagnant 690/700. I am trying to improve to 750 in two weeks lol (wish me good luck lol) I have been doing practice sections daily and am trying out new strategies. For example, I have tried silverturtle's strategy of marking the line for reference questions and saving the general questions for last. It didn't work too well. I tried reading paragraph by paragraph while answering questions systematically as they relate to the paragraph. I have tried reading the entire passage b4 going to the questions. Nothing has worked effectively. I am still at a 690/700. So, I'm trying this strategy: guessing the answer choice before i see the answer choices. Usually my guess is not spot on, but it's a synonym of the correct answer choice. It's actually making my score worse lol so far from a couple of practice sections. Did anyone here every try this? How well did it work for you?</p>

<p>I used that method (in conjunction with paragraph by paragraph reading / answering) and it worked okayish - 750.... I think different methods just work differently for different people. If it's making your score go down, then it's probably not the method for you.</p>

<p>we are in exactly the same situation. Stuck at a high 600 low 700. Do you have any wrongs on the vocab or is it strictly the passages?</p>

<p>strictly the passages. Im good at vocab. -1 on vocab at worst.</p>

<p>What happens to me on the passages is that i'll understand the passsage and i'll look for evidence in the passage and i'll know for sure what the answer is! But i just won't know it in terms of CB's word choice, which is so frustrating. I'll fall for their tricky wording! Sometimes i just can't understand the distinction between very two close answer choices.</p>

If it's making your score go down, then it's probably not the method for you.


<p>While it is true that it's making my score go down, I am comfortable with this methodology</p>

<p>i can't express the similarity that we have. How do you do on M and W?</p>

<p>M--usually 780-800
W: varies greatly from 720-770</p>

<p>how about you?
Maybe we can work together on this CR section and AIM each other back and forth to help discover our flaws? Maybe I'm not seeing something your seeing or vice versa?</p>

<p>Same thing here literally, ~700 R, 800M always, and W varies from 760-800. In the PR book they recommend that you read the blurb, then read only the questions and answer them as they come, without reading the whole text. On the other hand, silverturtle says you should underline question lines and then read the whole thing, with passage qs for the end. </p>

<p>I've just started using silverturtles way, and it's quite more natural, although I'm kinda short on time, esp. in the section with 2 long passages. (not the one with 2-same-topic ones)</p>