Has anybody got into long beach state yet (csulb)?

<p>are you all from in state
whats your gpa and sat</p>

<p>i didnt get a letter
does that mean i didnt get in?
i called the status number and it just said that they finished reviewing my application and i will get a notification sent soon</p>

<p>jenksstudent. i got the same thing. i called them and yeah</p>

<p>im a first time freshman undergraduate by the way.</p>

<p>are you from in state
whats your gpa and sat</p>

<p>yes sir. im from the bay area.
GPA: 3.5 (yes, kinda low but eh, i have my own personal reasons haha)
SAT: 1680/2400
ACT: 25</p>

<p>how about you, jenksstudent?</p>

<p>pretty much the same
but out of state</p>

<p>lol. is csulb your first choice?
its just one of my backup schools. i don't really know if i want to attend anymore. i rather go to UCR. but eh... i wish i can get into cal poly SLO!</p>

<p>I have:</p>

<p>3.7 GPA
1850 SAT
27 ACT</p>

<p>and have yet to hear from Long Beach....</p>

<p>csulb is my first choice</p>

<p>do you think i can get in?</p>

<p>i'm out of state so i hear its harder :/</p>

<p>oh i see.
well its always harder for oos students to get into california public universities but this year is easier for you guys. its safe to say that you're lucky to apply now! csu's and uc's are trying to accept more oos because it will regenerate more money. ( you guys are paying way more).</p>

<p>anyway, good luck jenksstudent!</p>

<p>I read the admittance rate this year is a whopping 7%!!!!!!
That is insane.</p>

<p>"While the official statistics haven't officially been compiled yet, the CSU system has reported a record number of total applications for the Fall 2010 semester, with more than 609,000. CSULB received over 71,000 of those applications, the most of any campus in the system and a new school record. CSULB also drew the greatest number of first-time freshman applicants (47,683) and transfer student applicants (21,973) of any CSU campus. Due to the ongoing state-wide budget deficit, only an estimated 5,500 (7.7%) will be offered admission, much less than in recent school history."</p>

<p>oh wow... i think i'm willing to give my spot to anyone who really wants to go to this school...</p>

<p>me me me!

<p>lol! i really would actually! hmm. i wish this type of thing exist though.
jenksstudent, where else did you apply besides csulb?</p>

...only an estimated 5,500 (7.7%) will be offered admission, much less than in recent school history.


<p>I think the 5500 is the number of people who will enroll, not offered admission.</p>

<p>CSULB</a> News and Events</p>

<p>Fifth paragraph: “While these numbers point to excellence in quality and recognition of our campus’ reputation, what’s unfortunate for most of these applicants is that due to continuing reductions to CSULB’s budget, only 5,500 will actually enroll as students in the fall,” he added.</p>

<p>Also, has anyone heard about the new rule where freshmen are required to dorm? I didn't apply to Fullerton because I probably would have attended Long Beach if I didn't get into Irvine. Now, since I have to dorm anyway, I might just go to Riverside...</p>

<p>Daily</a> 49er - Incoming freshmen required to live in dorms</p>

<p>I'm not sure, you could be right. I got my info from wikipedia haha</p>

<p>Freshmen</a> Residential Requirement, Housing and Residential Life, CSULB</p>

<p>I got in!!</p>

<p>how do you knoww</p>

<p>call 562-985-2500 and follow the instructions. good luck!</p>