Has anybody got into long beach state yet (csulb)?

<p>...or checked their app status?</p>

<p>It wont let me sign onto the web portal, everyone else at my school is having the same problem as well. According to the website admissions start mailing out in february.</p>

<p>you can check your application status over the phone...the number is 562.985.2500...</p>

<p>they will start sending out responses in February to March...</p>

<p>hey nrigali, I just called the number and it said that an initial review of my application has been made, and an admissions decision will be made as soon as possible....people at my school have already been accepted to csulb though so idk whats going on.</p>

<p>yea i just called and checked the stat on my app and it says that same thing...some one said that once they send there decision the message changes to "a decision has been made" idk if thats true or not</p>

<p>Does anyone know, if you're a transfer, how to update your spring classes if they changed?</p>

<p>how did you check you app status by calling
i called that number and it asked for my campus id and entered it but then it asks for a pin then idk what to do

<p>I find it out hard to believe they have already told applicants that they have been accepted. Even people in the Long Beach area (which CSULB specifically gives priority to) haven't heard any news yet. I don't think any official news will be released until February to March. So just sit tight guys! xD</p>

<p>I was born and raised in Long Beach and didn't receive my admission status (through the phone line option) until February. Hold tight and good luck!</p>

<p>just got accepted to fullerton, no word from lb yet.</p>

<p>well let us now
whats your gpa and sat score</p>

<p>does any one elses phone status say that they need more required information?? i just called this morning and thats what it said, but then it said press 1 to find out what you are missing and then I did and it said, you are not missing any documents at this time... Did anyone already send there transcripts??</p>

<p>how did you check your status...what do you put for oin number? i have campus id number</p>

<p>You don't send in your transcripts until your are admitted.</p>

<p>it told me on the phone to create a pin number of 6 digits</p>

<p>yeah i checked my status, it says a decision hasnt been made yet
anyone get in yet??
whats everyones stats</p>

<p>Same for my brother. Wow, Cal States are getting intense just like the UCs with this 'final round' stuff</p>

<p>I just got a letter saying that I made it to the final round of consideration. This may be a stupid question but does anyone know if we put our name and student ID on top of the transcript letter?</p>

<p>I think they want official transcripts sent from your school so you don't have to put anything on them, the school takes care of it. Are you a freshman or a transfer?</p>

<p>Thanks for the information. I thought that was the case but I just wanted to make sure. I am a transfer student.</p>