Has anybody taken CGS2531?

<p>I'm majoring in Marketing so it's a critical tracking course and I got Bermudez. I went on ratemyprofessor and read horrible reviews of him and the class. Is it really that bad? I'm pretty nervous now.</p>

<p>I have to take it, too. I've heard a lot of crazy stuff about it - I heard the homework takes up a lot of time (super tedious) and the tests are crazy hard, especially since everyone blows it off since it's a computer class. I've been told TutoringZone really helps, and to make sure you go since the tests are ridiculous. One person told me they do curve the tests, but I don't know if that's true for every semester - that may have been an exception if everyone that took the course that semester did awful on every test. </p>

<p>Something else to remember - the homework program does NOT work on a Mac. Make sure if you have a Mac, that you know someone with a PC or have access to it in your apartment complex's clubhouse, or something.</p>

<p>Also - I am pretty sure he is the ONLY option for that class, but I'm reading his reviews and it sounds like it's pretty much ran by TA's anyways...</p>

<p>my recommendation: wait till next summer, and take that class and financial accounting at a community college. in my opinion, the cgs class and fin. accounting are ridiculously hard for what you are learning, and it's better to sacrifice your summer rather than your uf gpa. I took both of those classes @ cc, and i learned just as much as my friends who took it at uf, without the stress and all that pesky hardwork, lol.</p>

<p>CGS won't be too bad but don't wait til the last minute to do the assignments, they take a decent amount of time. Study Edge is the new really good tutor company in gainesville, go there before the exams and you'll be good for the exams.</p>

<p>Is the book online? Seems like no one in the UF Textbook Exchange is selling the MYITBLAB Office 2010 book.</p>

<p>I have heard that all you need is the course code to do your online homework, and that comes with the book in the version of the E-book.</p>