Has anybody transferred to IIT?


I plan on going to a local community college (College of Dupage) for my first two years and then transferring to another university. I am considering IIT as one of my options but money plays a big role and I am not sure how much scholarship I would get. I applied this year (I am a senior taking a gap year) and I got the Henry T. Heald Scholarship but I am not sure if I would get the equivalent if I went to a community college and then transferred. Even if I do, the tuition would still be too much.

So has anybody transferred to IIT? Were they willing to give a full scholarship? If so, what would I have to do? I am aware that they have multiple scholarships for transfer students but if somebody has some experience with actually transferring over, that would be appreciated.

Thank you

The full scholarships are only for incoming Freshmen. There are transfer scholarships for transfer students (I don’t know if they are the Heald scholarship but there are certainly some of that nature) and then there is an additional scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (the Community College honors society) members. Whether it makes a package that meets your financial needs, I am not sure, but there are number of students transferring form CoD to Illinois Tech so the counselors there should be fairly knowledgeable.

The key is to try to manage your program such that you can finish in 2+2=4 years. This is often difficult in engineering if you have not planned everything out meticulously.

Good Luck!

Ok, thank you for the reply!